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About Us

Family owned and operated since 1991 as Remedy Insurance, we have been helping people insure their assets for over 30 years. As the insurance industry has changed over the years, we have managed to stay ahead of the curve and save our clients more money than ever before!


Our Customer Service department is dedicated to assisting our clients with any and all questions or concerns they may have. Whether they need help filing a claim or they forgot when their next payment is due, our team is there to assist, keeping them safe and insured.


To put it simply, we are in the business of helping people. We help our customers save money, we help businesses reduce risk and we help families protect what is important to them.

How can we help you today?

Throughout the ups and downs of the volitile Insurance Industry, we have managed to stay in business for over 30 years by taking care of our clients as if they were our own family. We believe in saving our clients money so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

-Maryam Noori

Founder / President


“I saved over eight hundred dollars a year when I switched over to Remedy!”


-Jacob Y.

“They make it so easy to call their Customer Service and make changes to my current policy.”


-Melanie P.

“I managed to get my Auto Insurance and my Renter's Insurance for the same monthly price I was paying elsewhere beofore!”


-Angelica F.

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